Friday, June 29, 2012

Elves, Humans, & Werewolves!

“Goober! GOOBER! Get back here right this instant!” Rrac waved his hooked hand in a vaguely threateningly way at the wolfish dog that was running toward something it heard in the woods.

The pair of elves looked down at the hook-handed crofter. “If you can’t control that beast, it would be best we leave it behind.” Narsal he redheaded elf commented in his sing-song voice.

“Now, now, the beast has proven its worth several times over.” Nuadeen, the blond elf pointed out.

“I could put a bolt through its ear.” Giloc offered.

Rrac whirled around to face Giloc “Aside from the fact that you couldn’t even hit the ogre, as big as she was, if you so much as pet Goober the wrong way, I’ll...”

“Erts?” The hollow cheeked youth looked up at the elves before quickly dropping his gaze. “Go get the dog.”

Dropping his large pack, the boy leapt off the path and into the woods after Goober. Erts followed the deer trail until it emerged at a fenced in field, a flock of sheep scattering away in absolute panic. In the center of the flock, one of the sheep was knocked down, picked up, and smashed down again hard by a monstrous man-wolf-thing. Erts’ scream died in his throat as the thing looked at him. Dropping the body of the sheep, it’s face already red with blood, the man-wolf sprinted the far too short distance between them. Stopping near enough that Erts could smell the things breath, thick with the tang of blood. “Go back to the path, and say nothing.” It pointed a bloody claw at the boy. “Understand?” it snarled.

Erts’ mouth moved, but no sound emerged.

“Go!” the teeth snapped right in Erts’ face.

Erts stumbled backwards, tripping over a root, his mouth still silently moving. Rolling over, he pushed off the ground and ran down the path as quickly as his scrawny legs could carry him.

Narsal, elf, hp4, Longsword, Leather, Shield, lawful merc
Naudeen, elf, hp4, Longsword, Leather, Shield, neutral exile
Rrac, human, hp5, Hook Hand, Club, Leather, Shield, Neutral Crofter
Gilloc, human, hp4, Light Crossbow, Neutral Serf, Common-Goblin dictionary, Never Satisfied
Erts, human, hp2, Dagger, Neutral Beggar
Goober, war dog, hp11, Leather & Shield equiv., Neutral Werewolf

A little while back, Meatshields was updated to include dogs... and apparently werewolves!

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