Friday, June 15, 2012

Arag’s Aggrieved

"And don't come back!" The barkeep threatened as she tossed the scrawny farmer to the ground.

The cottar dragged himself off the street, halfheartedly patting the dirt off of his soiled trousers. He started when he saw the small group of men watching him. "What are you looking at?" he sneered before turning away.

"Not much" answered a gaunt man holding a staff. His brown robes were cut in the style of a novice, but lacked the usual adornment of wooden beads and the symbol of an order. The gaunt man smiled when the cottar turned to look at him. Through his yellowed teeth  he continued "but you could be more."

"What are you going on about?"

The gaunt man stepped toward the cottar. "I'm talking about you. I'm talking about me. I'm talking about the men back there. We were all like you. No one treats you with the respect you deserve. Even the lady barkeep tossed out out like garbage. But you aren't garbage. What's your name?"


The gaunt man held out his hand. "I am Arag, and I am very pleased to meet you Radoon."

The cottar looked at Arag's hand, and hesitantly reached out to take it. He was surprised by the mans grip, and looking into his eyes, even more surprised by the light that seemed to dance behind them.

"Come with us Radoon, and let me show you how you can make people like her, like the patrons that laughed at you, who treated you like a dog, how you can make them treat you like a man."

"How?" Radoon asked, confusion playing across his face.

"By demanding it, and being able to back up that demand. You'll have our help, and we'll count on yours. Will you come with us?"

Arag’s Aggrieved is a motley collection of ne'er-do-wells who feel the world owes them, and that what they’re owed hasn’t been delivered, so they're going to take it for themselves. Rejects, losers, and failures who all have chips on their shoulders, except for Burtis, the younger brother of Samgos, and caretaker of the blind wardog Wolf. Burtis has been trying to get Samgos to go home, but gets beaten for his efforts every time he brings it up. Wolf would happily protect Burtis, if only he could see.

Name Type Race Sex HP Weapon Armor Alignment Background Possessions & Knowledge Notable Features
Arag - Magic-User (Level 1), Human M, 3hp, Quarterstaff, None, Neutral, Failed Temple Acolyte, Nothing, Yellow teeth

Aramil - Man-at-Arms Elf M 4hp Spear, Leather, Chaos, Exile, Camp knife, None

Buris - Man-at-Arms Human M, 2hp, Spear, Dagger Leather, Law, Stable Boy, Nothing, None

Hilwick - Man-at-Arms Human M, 2hp, Club, Dagger Leather & Shield, Chaos, Street Thug, Nothing, Pudgy

Radoon - Man-at-Arms Human M, 2hp, Hand Axe, Dagger, Leather & Shield, Neutral, Cottar, Nothing Useless

Samgos - Man-at-Arms Human M, 3hp, Spear, Dagger, Leather & Shield, Neutral, Crofter, Sock full of sling stones Broken

Wolf - War Dog M, 6hp, Bite (2d4), Fur, Chaos, Blind

As always, Meatshields is an invaluable resource! 

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