Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lucy the Corgi's 6th B-Day

In honor of Lucy's 6th Birthday, here is a silly little flash game - Corgi in Space! and below is a repost of last years b-day post.

The orcs were stomping through the woods, heading directly for the village. With so many out to help with harvest it was an easy target. Lucy, defender of the realm, would not stand for it. They were still about an hour from the village, moving slow as orcs are wont to do even in times of war. Lucy paralleled their track, making her way to the head of the column. There were about 4 dozen of them, and the head of the party was decked out with some extremely overdone armor. He was the target.

She got ahead of the column, close to the path, and waited for them to catch up. Soon enough the head of the column was in sight. The target was not right in front - she would have to deal with the guards. As they came parallel to her, Lucy shot, and both were on the ground before they could even cry out. The next pair of guards did have a chance to cry out, but it did them no good.

The orc chief rose before her. His armor was layered with trophies of his previous victories. Bones, hair, jewels, and even ears dangled off of him. Lucy's focus was on his cruel spear, held at the ready.

Lucy's ears folded back, her lip curled, and she charged at him. The blade of his spear came close, but she dodged it as she moved under his guard, jumped up onto him, and with one perfectly timed bite, ripped out his throat. She rode his body to the ground.

The orcs stood frozen at the sight of their chief so easily brought low. With a single bark, they turned and ran. The village was safe today. Lucy followed the orcs, ensuring the village would be safe tomorrow.

Lucymonster the Terrible - Corgi Level 4
Lawful XP: 9,550 (+10% bonus to all earned XP)

Str 14 +1 to attack & damage
Int 13 Read + Speak Common, Canine
Wis 9
Dex 16 +2 to AC
Con 9
Cha 13 +1 to reaction rolls (“so pretty!”)

HP: 14
AC: 5 (base 7 + Dex bonus)
Attack: 1 bite or slam
Damage 1d6+1

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