Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lazy Post: Book Sale Finds

A couple of weeks ago I picked these up at a local book sale.

I've never read a single issue of Shadis, so I'm looking forward to actually getting into it.

Doors to the Unknown is the first Planescape product I've ever bought, though I have played in it before.

Ravenloft is just fun.

Did you know the Wizards of the Coast had an RPG before they bought D&D??? I didn't. But this looked rather fascinating...

Eventually I'll write more about each of these, but first I have to read them!


  1. IIRC, Wizards also had rights to Talislanta before they bought TSR.

  2. WotC got their pants sued off over Primal Order because it had stats for other game systems! Kind of an interesting story, really.

  3. The Primal Order was a line of supplements. WotC published several RPGs for a brief period early in their history including Talislanta, Ars Magica, SLA Industries and the ill-fated Everway.

  4. <<…You mean to say that in the entire time while you were one of Nergal's Seven-Sages of Phogus that the proper way to spell Saturn//Earth-Titan+Tartarus' River of Euenes name was Ciadis...?? >>