Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Inspirational Image - Stonehell

In honor of the fact that I got to play in Michael Curtis' Stonehell before I had the chance to run it for myself (play report coming soon) here is the iconic ogre faced doorway from the antechamber to hell.


  1. I like that image very much; do you know who the artist is?

  2. The Ogre Arch is the work of Carl Nash. I don't know if he's got a blog or web presence, but he is on Google+. Carl was very kind enough to allow me to use his illustration for my Stonehell Tees and I have the same picture on my referee's screen.

  3. Yah, Carl has two blogs, one mostly on D&D-ish stuff:

    and the other, which I think he's more or less stopped updating is about Mutant Future, mostly:

    He's also a regular player in Carter's Lands of Ara campaign, so whenever we passed through that arch in Stonehell we'd give him a high-five. Cool stuff.

  4. Now that picture is just too cool.

    Reminds me of the work done by a fellow called Glad27 over on the Canonfire! site.

    Very nice.