Friday, January 6, 2012

Qualta Blades

The hobgoblins formed a battle line, shields interlocked and spears pointed toward the adventurers. Standing in the center of the line, a chief wielding a fat broadsword. “Surrender!” he called out.

Rathgar flexed his neck before glancing back at his companions. “There’s only a dozen of them.”

“And I don’t fancy surrendering to hobgoblins” Nimble added.

“We could run” Feris offered.

“They’d catch us” Allianora pointed out.

“Right” Rathgar turned back toward the hobgoblins and yelled “We accept your surrender!”

The chief grunted and pointed the sword directly at Rathgar. The blade seemed to split down the middle of its length, each half of the blade sliding to the end of the crossguard. With a loud crack a a bolt of energy shot from between the blades straight at Rathgar.

Rathgar fell backward, pinning Nimble beneath him.

Qualta Blade

These rare blades were once forged in great numbers by hobgoblins, though the art of their making is thought lost. Today they can still be found in the hands of hobgoblin chiefs, handed down through the generations, and those who have defeated them.

Qualta Blades are magical broadswords (+1 to +3) that can also discharge a powerful magical bolt. In order to use the blast power, the sword must be reconfigured. This takes 1 round. To switch back also requires 1 round. Using the blade as a sword while configured to blast incurs a -2 to attack rolls (no magical bonus). The blast power is a ranged attack that deals 1d12 points of damage, and stuns the victim for 1 round on a successful hit. On an attack roll of 1 or 20 with a blast attack the blade will automatically revert to the sword configuration not be able to use it's blast attack for 24 hours.


  1. I see someone's been watching Farscape (love that show).

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