Monday, January 23, 2012

First Foray Into Stonehell

The Bumpkin's Squire was getting quickly out of control. Drak the Hood had arrived a short while ago, already drunk, and likely experiencing the highs of some sort of mind altering substance. At the bar Medwin the former henchman was lamenting the passing of his former employer by liberally spending the former employer's gold on rounds for the house. "Ed-*hick*-rick was a good boss! And I'm going to miss him. His body lies in Stonehell, as does my friend Lurgard. He was a good friend... Here's to Edrick and Lurgard! May they never rise from the dead!"

"What happened?" my inebriated buxom companion asked.

"Well, it all started about a week ago. The warlord I was working for was murdered. No great loss, but I was out of a job."


"I was a pikesman, but now I'm not. Anyway, with the last of my pay I made it here. Drak over there had some vision or something about a talisman in the Quiet Halls of Stonehell. Maybe it was the Silent Halls. Halls of Silence? Anyway, he and his henchman Marwick teamed up with some other guys, including Edrick and his henchmen, and Sampson, a priest of some type, his adopted sons and dogs, and of course me."

"Sounds like a big party!"

"It started that way. Barely a room into Stonehell some lizard dropped down, giving Sampson a bloody nose, and killing one of his sons. We brought the beast down. Well, really I brought it down. Sampson decided that a bloody nose was enough for him, and he left along with his son and dogs. Moving on we followed the directions that Drak's vision gave him. Next we bumped into some dwarves. They'd lost a companion and wanted to know if we'd seen him." Nicholas stopped to take a drink. "After that we ran into some skeletons."

"Which direction was that in?" she asked.

"We were still going straight." Nicholas smiled. "These skeletons were all smashed up. Past that we came to a set of big doors with a dance macabre on it. On the other side were these weird glowing beetles. We killed a couple of them, and sent the rest scurrying away. Keeping on we came to another room of skeletons, including this great big snake skeleton. We killed them all, but lost Lurgard, Medwin's friend. If you check tomorrow with the alchemist you can see the snakes skull in his shop."

"Continuing on we next stumbled on a pit trap. Edwin... well, Edwin fell.Oddly the trap didn't trigger for for Medwin, even though he went over it first. Drak, Medwin and I looked at each other and realized that our party of 11 was suddenly down to 3. We decided that we'd had enough, and now we're back."

"Rich?" She asked with a smile.

"Eh, more coin than I had when I got into town, but not enough to go nuts like those two." Drak was standing in the middle of the bar, his shirt off, and juggling several bottles. "He's going to end up naked somewhere by morning."

"Are you going back?"

"Not tonight.."

Friday night I got to play my first Google+ game, run by Nicholas Mizer using my netbook. It didn't work well, and I had to steal Virginia's Macbook Pro. The next day I went and and got a webcam for my desktop.

Can you tell I'm looking forward to my next chance to play?


  1. Samson Jones would like to let it be known that he did not have a bloody nose, his back was rent nearly in twain, showing off ribs!

    Also, it wasn't one of his son's that died, they were in the other room. Must have been one of those good for nothing Man at arms the other cleric hired.

  2. No, I don't think anyone died in that fight against the lizard. Lurgard the spear man-at-arms bought it fighting skeletons, and Edric of the Cottonwood fell in a pit. I'm two for two for PCs falling in pits and dying!! Yeah!