Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obligatory 5e post

There’s some big news in the gaming world. Big enough to hit The New York Times and Forbes. Honestly, if anyone was talking about anything else on G+ today, I didn’t see it.

So, 5th edition. Considering the vast numbers who were unhappy with 4e and switched to Pathfinder, earlier editions, or different games all together, this is probably a good choice for WotC. If they do it right (and it seems at this stage, with the open playtest, they are on the right track) then it could be more than 5th edition - it could be a unifying edition. Maybe even Dungeons and Dragons Ultimate Edition?

Is that a pie in the sky hope? Maybe. Probably. Yet I remember when White Wolf's Vampire was the game that everyone was talking about, when AD&D 2e was a bloated system that was rapidly becoming an irrelevant dinosaur, and the end of TSR meant the end of D&D.

I remember when that changed. I remember all the promise that 3e held.

It's been a long time since then, and things are different now. Things are more fractured, and WotC isn't battling an entirely different game, they're battling their own progeny. Between Pathfinder and the OSR getting everyone to agree, making everyone happy will be impossible.

But maybe... just maybe... Type V may be able to bridge the divide.

I think if they follow the idea Jason of the Wasted Lands (and others) expressed, with a Core D&D system, and Advanced options that can be easily grafted on then WotC will be on the right track

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  1. Naw. I didn't like 4e and I've spent enough money on Rule Books. No new rules for me. Don't need them. I'm happy with the older editions.