Friday, January 27, 2012

Player Maps

Player maps tend to only resemble the original DM's map vaguely, unless the PCs spend an awful lot of time mapping, rather than exploring. They also tend to include way more notes, as they don't tend to make a key for the map. However, rather than ruminate about them, I thought I'd show you an example - my own map made as a player!

During Nick the Pikes first foray into Stonehell, he was traveling along paths that had been trodden before by other members of the party, and so the pace, at least for the first half, was pretty quick. Nevertheless, Nick did his best to keep a basic map of where they went, and he continued that for his second delve. It helped that they followed the same path the second time, so he could recheck what he had previously remembered.

These are the scans of the original maps made while the delve was in progress.

I find I actually really enjoy making notes all over it.

This is the revised combined map made after the fact.

During the games I used a small spiral bound notebook to keep track of things like names, and to sketch the dungeon as we went along. None of the rooms are to scale, nor are the corridors, but the general layout is. I haven’t directly compared this to the maps in my copy of Stonehell, because I’m afraid that I’ll be too tempted to read up on the section I’m trying to explore, but I'm really curious how close it is...

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