Monday, November 21, 2011

Thunderspire Session 3 - Players Thoughts

From Alex:

The monk beat up and sealed a dragon with his bare fists in two minutes pretty much by himself (the rogue's daggers didn't exactly sway the tide of battle with the dragon). That was very cool. I also like his new ki focus, since that +2 bonus makes a surprisingly big difference over his +1 focus. The tradeoff right now, of course, is that he can't shift quite as much with the +2 ki focus, but his next feat will allow him to wield multiple ki focuses. I was surprised the knight died. Killing Brugg was fun, I had been waiting for that. We clearly had to pull out all the stops to take him down, and he still caused us a lot of pain. I usually go home wondering how in the heck our characters are still alive. It seems to me that statistically we should be dead, but somehow we survive. Maybe that's the warlord's fault.

From Cory:

Anyhow, on the new quests: they were like 'oooohh' and then "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH" and they pretty much stayed that way. So I'd say that's a good sign. Can't be boring if you're crazy scared that the characters are all going to fall into a vortex of doom and die while being eaten by a dragon.

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