Monday, November 14, 2011

CD Ruins

While working on the dice tower and the bell tower I also painted up some old ruins I had built years ago.

The round one (front row, left side) had a black cherry base coat. The two in the back corner were black, and the one in front on the right had a brown base coat. The one in the middle was from years ago, and I don't remember what color it's base coat was, but probably dark brown.

And the figures are the ones my 4e group uses for the PCs - 3 D&D prepaints, and a knight from... I think it's from one of the Diablo mini sets actually. Don't know where the shield is.


  1. Excellent stuff, David.

    Working your way towards an entire ruined city/village, I see.

    My plans are along those lines. ;)

  2. You made those? Wow! Nicely done, sir!

  3. @Mystic Scholar - Thanks! I imagined a ruined castle that has been plundered to build a village.

    @Christian - I did, using Hirst Arts bricks, and old CDs. It's amazing how good a few of them stacked together, painted, and flocked can look.

  4. @David - Yeah, I think I could make a REAL Stonemason our of you . . .

    . . . in 9, or 10 years of course. Hehehehehe

    Love your work! You're inspiring me to get busy!