Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Casting - Done!

Due to the magic of me casting before many of these posts went live (or were even written), I’m now done casting, and have all the bricks I need to make my bell tower. In order to save myself from an unhealthy level of insanity while building, I have sorted the bricks into bins.

The next step is making the frame for building the walls. I’m using the most expensive of supplies - free paint stir sticks from the local big box home improvement place. Per the instructions they’re taped down to the paper. I used the 2” long bricks to ensure that the spacing is even from top to bottom. In the picture you can see the beginning of the wall with the doorway, which is actually the last wall to be built.

Then lay out one of the walls... this picture is from before building the frame, but it shows the basic layout of the wall. Each wall will be slightly different in which blocks go where, but the major features (windows and alcoves) will all be the same.

And before we start gluing, we check the instructions one more time!


  1. As a fifth generation bricklayer -- my family built a couple of those tourists attraction churches in the French Quarter -- let me say that you are off to a fine start, Dave.

    Keep up the good work!