Friday, November 11, 2011

Super Secret Side Project! part 2

It looks like a simple boarder tower...

However in reality it is much much more!

By removing the top it transforms into my new dice roller!


  1. Please tell me you're gonna make other stuff too!

    Also it might help if you insert cardstock inside to prevent chipping when the dice come crashing down. I don't know how much chipping it would take before you had a "reverse hull breach" but it wouldn't be pretty.

  2. Sweet!

    Man! I have GOT to start getting some molds!


  3. @NBD - Thanks!

    @1d30 - There are a few other things I'm either working on, or planning on... plus the bell tower!

    @Mystic Scholar - Yes. Yes you do. I'd strongly suggest picking one theme though, otherwise you'll never get anything done!

  4. @David

    An entire "landscape" theme for me; castles, towers, et al.

    I've always wanted to do it and did some when I was a young man, but it sort of went "out of style" for a time and I haven't been able to find a place -- in any of the small places I've lived -- that sold the necessary materials.

    The internet is changing all of that, but didn't exist in "my day," so I'm still "new" to it all.

    But I'll catch up! ;)