Friday, October 28, 2011

Fieldstone Bell Tower -The Plan! (part 2)

We now know what we need:
2" x11
1” x74
.75" x10
.5” x42
1"x.25" x52
.75"x.25" x16
.5"x.25" x22
Alcove top x8
Alcove body x24
2" Arch x2
1" Arch x12
.75" Arch x16

How do we get there? Well, these are the molds I have that have the parts I need:

In a single cast of each of these molds I can create:
2" x3
1” x12
.75" x2
.5” x5
1"x.25" x8
.75"x.25" x2
.5"x.25" x7
Alcove top x2
Alcove body x4
2" Arch x2
1" Arch x2
.75" Arch x2

By using the magic of math this means I need a total of 9 of casts to get every block I need. Some parts will obviously need far fewer. The most difficult piece is the .5” block. The next most difficult is the .75” arch and the .75"x.25" tile, each requiring 8 castings to get them all.

I can probably do 1 casting a day (more on weekends and Wednesdays), which means that casting all these bricks will take about a week. Luckily for all of us, I've already started!

I have a new poll up! What are you doing for Halloween?

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