Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fieldstone Bell Tower Motivation

Before I get to planning, casting, building, and painting I want to talk about why the bell tower, as opposed to some other project. It’s not like I’m lacking in other projects! I have tons of minis, and lots of other terrain that I could work on, so why this?

Here’s the deal. I have a bunch of Hirst Art molds. I’ve build lots of ruins, little things, a couple of dungeon rooms, but never a whole project. It’s that old gamer ADD that we know so well. So I want to build something that isn’t a ruin with my bricks, and I want to finish it.

Why a bell tower? A couple of reasons:
  • The bell tower takes up a lot of vertical space, but can fit on a CD
  • It doesn’t require tons and tons of bricks
  • It is complex enough to keep me interested without being intimidating
  • Because I did it before, and messed it up! Time to do it right

I’d actually enjoy working on minis too, but to be blunt, I’m out of storage space for painted minis and I don’t have anywhere to display them. I’ve found this to be a real demotivator.

So, the bell tower it is!

Next up – The Plan!

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