Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Beginning's End

This is the final adventure of 25 that is roughly designed to take characters from level 1 to 25 that I have shared over the month of September. These posts have been a part of Asshat Paladin's OSR Short Adventure Challenge, and utilize his Get Ready, Get Set, Go! format.

I hope you've enjoyed the series, and have checked out the other blogs participating in the challenge. There's a lot of really inventive, innovative, and imaginative stuff that's come out of this challenge, and it's worth your time to read through it.

I'll be publishing a PDF of my posts, cleaned up and tweaked shortly. I will also be sharing my original notes, and comparing them to the finished product. It's interesting (to me at least) how things developed from those first 2 pages. And I'm going to do a review of all the participants sometime this month.

Finally, a big Thank You to the /Matt, the Asshat Paladin himself for organizing the challenge. It's been a lot of fun!

The Beginning's End

A Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Classic D+D adventure set in The Big Generic City

Get Ready:
With magic restored one of the New Lords of Hell, an Unseelie Fairy Lord decides to take advantage of the chaos in the mortal realm. With the Immortals still missing, who will stop him?

Get Set:
The barriers between the worlds are back to normal, and magic is flowing back into the mortal realm. However with the renewed magics come renewed threats. Shortly after returning to The City a Gate opens in the Main Square, and out steps Madoc Morfryn, King of the Unseelie Court, Lord of Hell, wearing red gothic plate armor with a black bat winged cloak, and bearing a thin long sword. Madoc promptly claims The City as part of his expanding empire, and the current seat of the Wild Hunt.

Various creatures, including a green dragon will come to the city to serve, and the city will be slowly transformed by the fay and demons of the Wild Hunt into a twisted version of the Fay realm.

Madoc is not concerned about open conflict, as his Wild Hunt is vast and powerful. He isn’t interested in destroying The City or its inhabitants either. He will treat the PCs as worthy nobles, and invite them to his court.

While the demons don’t really care about working with the fay, the fay hate working with the demons, and only do so at Madoc’s bidding. Specifically the Wild Huntsman is barely kept in check about the situation, and if given the opportunity will lead the Wild Hunt against the demons.

The Seelie Court dislikes the situation as well, but due to Madoc’s demons they’re unwilling to get involved. The Caretaker currently has his hands full with demons.

Defeating Madoc will cause the Twilight Stone to glow brighter and brighter. The Caretaker will appear to welcome the PCs back into the Heavens as the first of the New Immortals!

Important NPCs:
Madoc Morfryn, King of the Unseelie Court, Lord of Hell (AC -5, HD 20, HP 160, Attacks: 2 Sword (2d8+8) or Wizard Spell (5, 5, 4, 3, 1) or Force Blast (2d6+6+push+trip), Morale 12, Causes Fear/Awe, Immune to +2 weapons (except cold iron)
Wild Huntsman (AC -2, HD 17, Attacks: 1 Spear (2d4+9+stun) or Bow (4d4+5) or Druid Spells (4, 3, 3, 2, 1), Morale 12, Causes Fear, Immune to +1 weapons (except cold iron)
Green Dragon, Huge
Fay of the Wild Hunt (varies)
Demons (varies)
Citizens of The City (mostly normal humans)


  1. Nice job! Looking forward to the PDF compilation.

  2. Thanks to all who participated! It was a fun ride and I look forward to reading (and hopefully using) all the posts!

    I've updated the two blog posts that list of adventures by blog and adventures by game system.

    Feel free to use the images I created for both of those to link to them.

  3. A fun ride, everything considered. Thanks for doing it.