Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poor Richard’s Amazing Key of Energy Absorption

The old gnome stood defiantly before the gate of his workshop, his balding head glistening in the sunlight, small round frames sitting on his nose.  “You have no power here Thales.  Your reign over these lands is over.  We are free.  Begone.”
“Ah Richard, you know I can’t do that.” The curly bearded sorcerer replied.  “These lands are mine by right, and besides, I really must have that flying machine of yours.  I’d rather not take it by force, but I will.”  Thalos brought his hands up in front of his chest, and sparks of blue-white energy arced between them.

“Do what you must.” Richard replied, leveling a hollow rod at the sorcerer.

With a blinding flash lightning shot from Thales’ hands, blasting directly into the gnome.  When Thales eyes adjusted he saw the Richard standing there, unharmed save for a scorch mark on his sleeve.   The key hanging from Richard’s belt seemed to pulse with energy though. 

“All Gnomes shall be Free!” Richard yelled, and he pulled the trigger bar.

Poor Richard’s Amazing Key of Energy Absorption

This magical key, forged by the magitech philosopher and Gnomish Liberation Front leader “Poor Ben” aka Richard Frankton, is specifically designed to counteract the oppressors primary tool of terror, the lightning bolt.  It can absorb the energy of multiple lightning bolts, reducing damage taken by anyone with the key by up to 18 points per round up to 10 times before being discharged.  After absorbing 10 bolts, either natural or magical, it will not only fail to stop a 11th bolt, but it will release the previously held charges causing 12d6 points of electrical damage to all within 20’ of the key (save vs spells for half for everyone except whoever is holding the key). 

It is possible to release the energy stored in the key.  It may be discharged directly into the ground by attaching it to a string which is then allowed to touch the ground.  It may also be attached to one of Poor Ben’s Miraculous Lightning Rods which has a variety of useful functions. 

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