Friday, September 10, 2010

The Key of Respite

Feris held the small key in his hand.  The body of the slain warlock at his feet was already beginning to desiccate from its own infernal emanations.     

“What’s that?” Rathgar asked, poking at the body with his boot. 

“A key, obviously” Allianora remarked.


“It’s a door key, or at least that’s what it looks like.  However there is some magic attuned to it.” 

“Well, shall we try it out on that door?” Nimble asked.

“But we just came through that door.” Rathgar pointed out.

“Well, sure!  If works, and something happens, we’ll know it!” Nimble replied.

Feris shrugged “Why not?”  He stepped to the closed door, and slid the key into the lock.  Surprisingly it seemed to fit, and with a twist the locking mechanism clicked.  Feris put his hand on the handle, turned and pulled.  The door swung open easily, revealing not the hallway they’d just traversed, but the garishly decorated retreat of the warlock.

“So that’s where he kept his treasure!” Nimble said gleefully. 

The Key of Respite

While within any Megadungeon this key, when used on any door large enough to admit a human sized creature, will cause the door to become an egress to an otherwise inaccessible room.  This room supplied with fresh air, and comfortably kept warm by an ever-burning fireplace.  The décor and contents of the room vary over time as different owners take possession of the key.  Several of these keys are known to exist, and each one seems to access different rooms.  Most of these rooms are around 20’x30’ with the door and fireplace on opposite short walls. 

If the door is closed from the inside, and then reopened it will do so in the most recently used doorway 99% of the time.  If the 1% is rolled, or the door is already open or destroyed then the exit will appear randomly within the Megadungeon, at the discretion of the DM.  

This is the first of the magic items for the monthly audience participation program. 


  1. Very well done. I love the idea of magic keys and will be snagging this. I have only written of one type, but I get a lot of gaming mileage from it.