Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Briar Lock

Briar Lock

In the heart of the densest city, at the core of the largest Dwarven Hold, there is often a spot where nature holds on.  It’s a small outpost for wild things, where the feywild isn’t quite so far away.  These spots are, of need, hidden from the general passerby, reserved for those drawn to them.  They are loved and tended, and woe to any who would defile them. 

Briar Locks are often placed on the gates to these gardens.  They are built of silver, forged in moonlight, and enchanted with many protective magics.  The first magic forged into the lock is a charm effect that causes anyone not of fey blood to ignore not only the gate, but the entire garden.  The second enchantment helps anchor the feywild to the garden, keeping it healthy and alive.  The third and final enchantment will cause any garden to become wild if it isn’t tended regularly.  Such overgrown gardens may cause the feywild to spill over into the city itself, impacting it in unpredictable ways. 

Interestingly enough, the lock is a purely mechanical item, and is in fact rather simple to pick, should the key be missing.  Oftentimes the key is simply left in the lock, allowing anyone who knows of the gate to use it.   

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  1. This is a great idea, David. Awesome magic item, very ingenius.