Thursday, September 16, 2010

Key to Her Heart

“That is truly a fascinating philosophy” the mustachioed man replied.  “Perhaps we could discuss this further?  There is a wonderful café where the drink is nearly as stimulating as this conversation.”

“What a wonderful suggestion!” Allianora replied with a grin.  “I really want to know your thoughts on the Book of the Eighth Prelate, on love and understanding.”

“And I would love to share them with you.”

“Allianora!” Rathgar yelled across the temple hall.  He, Nimble, and Feris were walking toward the pair.

“Those are my frien-“ Allianora turned back toward her companion to find him gone. 

Nimble smiled at her as he approached.  “Garion’s a nice guy isn’t he?”

“Garion?  He said his name was Torak”

“Yeah, sometimes he says things like that to people, right before he robs them.” 

“But he didn’t…” Allianora’s hand fell to her empty belt pouch. “Still, he really is so nice” she finished.   

The Key to Her Heart

When in the possession of a male, this magical key provides a +2 bonus to all reaction rolls with females, and can be used to cast Charm Person 3 times per day, but only on females.   


  1. Just gotta say that I love this series of posts. Interesting magic items are always very useful.