Monday, April 15, 2019

Stonehell: Death of Ka'Nefer... or not...

Session 92 was played on 3/9

Koltic, Cleric 3 (Chris)
Jurda, wizard 1 (henchman)
Kili, Dwarf Cleric 3 (Matt)
Brie, wizard 4 (Apprentice to Eiric)
Darryl, Cleric 6 (Henchman)
Lucrecia Thief 2 (Henchman)
Lex the Cheeseman, Fighter 4 (Henchman)

Stayed in Town:
Eiric, wizard 7 (Kat)
A-A-Ron, Thief 6 (Henchman) (stayed in town)
Orpheus, Human Fighter 6 (Henchman)
Linkman (Lolmox)
Karl, Dwarf 7 (Julia)
Men at Arms (Rawin)

While Eiric worked on various arcane tasks, and Karl got drunk, Koltic and Kili decided to head into Stonehell, taking most of the NPCs with them. Orpheus and A-A-Ron opted not to join in.

Heading in the back way, they encounter 8 heartless. Lex and Darryl flee the way they’d come back toward the hobgoblin tunnel. Kili and Koltic manage to turn 3 of them. Two are set on fire, Brie blasts another with magic missiles, then summons a demon into herself, and stabs it to death, while the remaining 2 are cut down. Over the course of the battle Koltic ends up paralyzed, Brie injured, Koltic paralized again… but the party survives without any fatalities.

Retrieving their comrades, the party presses deeper into level 2, and are attacked by 3 giant oil beetles, which are quickly cut down before their caustic spray can do much.

Feeling their injuries, the party decides to head back to town for the night. Kili is wracked with nightmares and wakes with a new spell in his head… Esratsept Lens of the Mind! Like a worm burrowing deep, it sits, waiting to be called upon by some-thing other than the Lord of the Seven Pointed Star...

The next day they return to the dungeon, and head from the hobgoblin tunnels to the stairs up to the quiet halls. On the stairs, 4 stirges attack the party, Lex suffering the worst for it.

In the Quiet Halls things seem initially quiet. The party makes it through several rooms without incident, but as soon as they make it to the corridor with the teleport chamber, a cold purple flame springs up, burning Lex before flashing off…

And then around the corner a troop of Mummy Wardens and Ka’ Nefer come walking! Kili, Koltic, Jurda, and Brie are all frozen at the sight of them, but Darryl manages to turn the wardens. Lex charges Ka’Nefer, but the mummy lord is surprisingly nimble and avoids the mummy-slaying blade. Darryl removes the fear from Kili and Koltic, and Kili uses his new spell desperately hoping it’ll work…

Ka’Nefer… is knocked dumb, and Lex hacks his dry form apart. The party quickly collects the jewelry draped on Ka’Nefer, and flees the dungeon.

Gains: 3,000gp in jewelry
Kills: Fire Beetles, Heartless, Ka’Nefer (sort of...)

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