Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bones 4 has arrived!

My Bones IV kickstarter has arrived a week ago. There's so much in this order that I've only just finished going through everything...

The box is as big as a corgi, and weighs as much as one too!

Really solidly packed too!

Okay, I guess you could fit 2 corgis in here...

The smallest of the expansion packs was Chronoscape. It's Reaper's Sci-Fi line. I started with this one because I really wanted to see the quality of their new Bones Black with standard sized minis. I'm impressed. These are some great figures!

Dreadmere expansion...

Fan Favorites is a hodgepodge of... well, fan favorites.

Darkreach is their underdark set.

The Lost Valley aka Dinosaurs and cavemen

The core set was the one set that didn't come mostly assembled, so I don't have a good shot of everything all laid out.

And this isn't even everything I ordered... Basically I've got enough minis to keep me busy for the next 8 years or so... plus everything I already own!

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