Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ogre Mercenary part 1

Way back in June, I started working on Games Workshop's Mordheim Ogre Mercenary. And by "started" I mean I based and primed him.

And he sat on and off my tray for the rest of the year collecting dust and taking up space. I decided that I needed to actually work on him or put him away. So I'm working on him.

As usual, I started with his eyes, and blocking in the colors for the rest of him. The flesh is based on Ruddy Flesh, the jacket Rusty Red, the shirt is Muddy Olive, and everything else is walnut brown or Linen White.

Even at this stage, he's looking good. But there's more to do. The flesh tones need more work, and there isn't any real effort to shadow or highlight at this point.

One thing I tend to do when working on a mini is to limit the colors, and to mix them together. For example, to add shadows and to line the breaks between materials, I continued to use Walnut Brown, and I use Linen White to brighten and highlight. I also mix other colors into the flesh to both help tie the mini together, and also to give the fleshtones a more realistic depth.

Skin can often be both colors other than traditional skin tones (especially with monsters) as well as covered with makeup, but keeping in mind how sickly skin can look yellow or greyish, and hot skin can look more red because of the blood flowing into it can make a real difference in making a mini look more real. In this instance, I used the Rusty Red mixed in with the Ruddy Flesh and Tanned Shadow

And here you can see that I've been working on highlighting the shirt.

I went back and forth on the pants, but have (at this point) settled on a a dark leather that's hard to nail down to a specific color. The patch on the knee is Auburn Shadow, while the hat is Marigold Yellow, and Rich Indigo. Need to work on the highlighting and shadows.

I've also been working more at the highlights on the jacket.

And the really uncomfortable stitching on the pants.

The ropes are Walnut Brown with Desert Stone dry brushed over them.  And this is where I'm at so far.

Still to do:
yellow up the teeth and nails
the basket
more shadows and highlights
more weathering of the leather
the base

More to come as I continue working on it!

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