Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Suddenly Stonehell

Unexpectedly, I'm going to get to run the Stonehell campaign I've been wanting to run, using classic D&D.

Due to a combination of factors, my Friday night group is putting the Star Wars campaign on carbonite, and I suggested some old school dungeon crawling as an alternative.

I don't think any of them have ever played an edition of D&D prior to 3.X, but I did run my 5e campaign in a more old school, let the dice fall where they may style, so that shouldn't come as a shock. THAC0 on the other hand... that might take some work.

I've got a lots of options, as far as what sort of dungeon crawl to run, from Dyson's Delves to Rappan Athuk to my own work in progress dungeon... but I really do want to run Stonehell. Plus, I've already e-mailed them a brief history of the dungeon and a couple of rumors.

I think I'll use LL/RC to run it, at least behind the screen. From the player perspective it'll probably be a little more stripped down, and look more like S&W 

Things I need to do prior to game:
Reread Stonehell intro areas
Meatshields henchmen
Make a couple of pregens?
Decide if I want to include the changes that have happened in my 5e Stonehell game...

I think that's it!

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  1. My vote? Include the changes! It'll make the place feel even more lived-in and alive. And, "the last group did that" is a great explanation for those inexplicable rooms full of broken furniture and dead monsters.