Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hobby Progress

While a bit of chaos can spur creativity, too much of it shuts me down. So I spent a chunk of the weekend going through and organizing some of my minis. My Bones I and II minis were a jumbled mess, and I wanted to tackle the Paint a Mini a Week project (PaMaW? MaW?) in a more systematic approach. I figure that if I focus on sets, it may help keep me from flitting about too much. We'll see if that ends up being true.

Spreading them out all over the dining room table I began by sorting the Bones I minis as they were broken down in the kickstarter: Core set, Fighters, Elves, Klocke Classics, etc. and putting them into a figure case in that order. Then I did the same thing with my Bones II minis, but I quickly ran out of space. That happens when you have hundreds of minis...

The next best option was to bag them since I don't have another empty case. A few of the larger minis I didn't bother to bag, and just tossed in the box with the bags.

Of course all of this is a bit of a distraction from what is actually the first painting project of 2016.

Dragons Don't Share! 
I've just about finished the tower ruins, only need to add some ice and snow, and paint the treasure pile on the dragon's base. But since I want to paint an ACTUAL MINI, I'm going to start with one of these guys. Either the archer or the thief I think...

Hmmm... need to clean the archer a bit. Didn't notice the flash before...

Of course this doesn't address all the other minis I have, but we're not going to talk about that right now. 


  1. I hear/feel your joy/pain. :) The Ral Partha Chaos Wars Kickstarter arrived the day after Christmas. I now have an additional 169 miniatures to be prepped/primed/painted. Tears of happiness and OMFG!

    Do you do 15mm?

    1. I've felt that way every time one of the Bones kickstarters comes in. And I've still got Bones III incoming sometime this year...

      Nope. I've managed to avoid doing any 15mm stuff so far.

  2. Any suggestions for truing up the ruins from dragons don't share. Tried the boil and set in cold water thing, but it was a bit more challenging workign with such a large peice.....not sure it got hot enough with the pot I was using.

    1. I had a 8*8 square pan that had ice water in it, and when I pulled the ruins out of the boiling water, it went right into the ice water, and was pressed down hard and held it there. I did it a couple of times for each piece. Even still, none of the bigger pieces are completely flat. If you really want them flat, I'd recommend glueing them to a piece of MDF or something like that.