Friday, January 1, 2016

Looking Ahead! 2016 Edition

It's the season of lists, and because I do better when I have a concrete idea of what it is I want to do, here's the list* of things I want to accomplish** in 2016!

Finish hiking the Pennsylvania section of the Appalachian Trail (late April/early May)
Match the post count of 2015 (at least)
Finish the Dragons Don't Share set (January)
Finish the $25 Frostgrave Terrain Challenge
Play a full Frostgrave campaign
Run Stonehell using a classic D&D type rules set (Maybe Wednesdays??)
Paint 1 mini per week/52 minis over the year
Continue my Friday night game (currently Star Wars)
Begin building my Hirst Arts Dungeon!!

What's on your list?

*tentative and subject to change
**blog related

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