Monday, January 18, 2016

Nissa, Lady of the Blade

"That's a mighty big sword for such a little girl."

Nissa sighed loudly, and the bartender just stepped away shaking his head.

"Maybe I can show you how to really handle such a... big weapon?" he said just a little louder.

The taproom had gone quiet. Nissa turned away from the bar and looked at the idiot before her. He was big, both tall and wide, with thick meaty hands. Not old, but no longer young.

"How exactly do you think this is going to go?" Nissa asks. "That I'm just going to swoon over your bravado? That you'll just overwhelm me and force me to bend to your superior bulk? Do you really want to fight me? Just wrestle around a little before I go with you to your flee infested bed? Or is it a lice infested pile of hay?"

His grin fell as she spoke, and his face reddened. Nissa smiled up at him and took a swig from her mug. "Now leave me alone." She held his gaze until he shifted his weight back away from her.

Turning back to the bar, she calls out to the bartender "Refill please?" and holds up her mug. A meaty hand falls hard on her shoulder, and spins her around. The upraised mug is redirected and smashes solidly into the big man's head.

He staggers back, pressing his hand to his bleeding cheek. "Why you..." he snarls, and swings his other fist toward her.

All but pressed against the bar, she throws her weight back, kicking her feet up, and lays flat on the bar. As his fist passes harmlessly over her, she kicks out, both feet pounding into the man's gut.  He falls back as she's pushed off the top of the bar. She lands on her side, and springs back to her feet while he gasps for breath, hands on his knees, half sitting in the side of a table. Blood drips along his jawline, and drips from his chin.

Nissa vaults back over the bar. "Things not going as planned big guy?" He glares back at her, reaches down and flings a stool toward her. She knocks it to the side, sending it clattering against the bar. "Throwing punches that miss, throwing stools that can't connect. Seems like there isn't a whole lot you can show me." She stalks toward him. He pushes himself upright, fists held between them. "Are we done?"

She can see him waver, uncertainty in his eyes. It hardened when another yokle yelled "Come on Garth, you're not gonna let that girl show you up are you?"

He looked briefly at him, then back to Nissa. "You're gonna be sorry."

"No doubt..." Stepping forward, she slaps his fist aside as he begins to swing, slips low, and hits Garth again in the gut. He curls low, and she slams his face down onto her upcoming knee.

"Are we done?" She yells to the room. Silence answers her. "Good." she says, and turns back to the bar.

Nissa, Human Fighter 4
AC 3, HD 4, #AT 1 bastard sword, Dmg 1d8+5, MV 120' (40') Save F4, ML 10, TT U+V, AL N, XP 75
Nissa stands a mere 5' tall, but is very skilled with the bastard sword (2 weapon expertise slots for 2-handed use, 1 for 1-handed). She has served as a sell-sword, body guard, and dungeon delver, and vastly prefers dungeon delving, as the pay is significantly better. 

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  1. I suspect in the real world, she'd get referred for counselling...