Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Time Taker

"I know this mark..." Rathgar said with astonishment.

Feris turned away from the pile of scrolls "Mark?"

"It's a makers mark on the blade. Jie Chue, the master forger. This is an amazing find. Each of his blades was unique, and all are magical."

Allianora stood away from the candles she'd lit to purify the old tomb. "Looks a little dingy for a magic sword."

"It is over a millennia old... " Rathgar ran his finger over the edge "and battle ready still, in spite of a bit of tarnishing"

"Any idea what it actually does?" Nimble asked as he scooped the jewelry from the long dead bodies.

Rathgar shrugged, then swung the blade at one of the recently re-dead ghouls. The blade passed through the dead flesh easily. In it's wake, the flesh around the cut turned to dust and fell away from the body.

Time Taker
This ancient +3 longsword is a potent weapon that steals time from it's victim. For every point of damage, the victim ages a year. A successful Saving Throw vs. Paralysis will negate the aging effect.

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