Sunday, December 29, 2013

Setting Idea: Tortuga Asteroid City Pacification

I had a dream last night that I remember quite vividly. I was a character living in a small city in a hollowed out asteroid. The city was independent from any other government, and something of a Tortuga type place. Not quite lawless, but pretty close. Yet in the city there were lots of regular people just living their lives, going to work, having families, etc. Late night corner shops selling coffee, or ice cream, or fries with cheese and gravy. Living space was crowded and somewhat cramped with more dark alley ways than real streets. The feel of it was very Spike Lee Do The Right Thing crossed with Ice Cube's Friday... only inside an asteroid.

It's never this bright inside the asteroid

In the dream I was one of 2 guys just doing our thing, pretty aimless, when the asteroid city comes under attack by another state's police force. It's very clearly NOT a military action, at least visually. As the riot police move in, my guy gets separated from his friend by the police moving in. They might have captured him, but in the process, I piss off a particular policeman, who spends the rest of the dream trying to capture me. This leads to a cat and mouse game through the city. It wasn't quite slapstick, but it came close a few times, and often involved running through peoples apartments, hiding in trash bins, generally experiencing the growing chaos caused by the police.

Since this is inside an asteroid, gravity doesn't work like normal, and people are able to basically fly, if they jump off from a spot high enough. Very useful, you understand. Of course, because you're jumping, you don't actually move very fast, and it's still possible to hurt yourself, so most people don't do it, especially since the ground cars are usually faster, even if you need to get around the other side of the city. That is, until the police showed up!

I ended up at the residence of the mayor/governor of the asteroid, who's sick (just a bad cold really) and trying to deal with the police invaders via comm. Somehow I get inside (through an upstairs balcony that is being ignored in favor of the doors the police are trying to get through), still trying to avoid the policeman who's following me. I overhear a bunch of stuff going on, as no one is worried about me being there since I am clearly not police.

Unfortunately this is pretty close to where I woke up, so I don't know where the dream would have gone from here, but it seems like a fantastic start to a new campaign. I could see using d6 Star Wars to run it, but I think that something more like Tales from the Floating Vagabond might be a better fit. There is some very serious shit going on, but that doesn't mean the PCs are going to be either taking it all that seriously, or going to be in any way directly involved or pivotal in the outcome.

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  1. The dream does sound really cool. I can image a lot of cool scenes. Might be a good movie too.