Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Magic Item: Key to the Chains of the Demiurge

"Creation is not an orderly process. It is fitful, halting, sporadic, and messy. Sometimes like at the Very Beginning it is hot and wild and furious. Other times it is slower. It is always in opposition with what has come before. The Demiurge forges that creativity, bounds the creation, and brings order to it."

"There doesn't seem to be much order right now." Feris interrupted. His twisted body warped with patches of reptilian skin spotting his body.

"No. The Lawgiver has been itself bound."

"By what?" Allianora asked.

"Chains of its own creation. The Demiurge knew that too much order would stifle the multiverse's creative energy. The chains were designed to limit the Demiurge's ability to impose order. They worked too well... But there is a key."

"Where?" Feris asked.

"Hold on." Rathgar interrupted. "We've faced dragons, demons, vampires... are you seriously suggesting we take on gods?"

"Look at me!" Feris snarled.

"Not gods." The sage answered. "Primordial forces. And you won't be 'taking them on', you'll be facing those who would not see more order brought to the universe."

"I would have more order..." Feris scratched at the scales on his arm.

"Don't be so sure. As one who bends reality to suit your whims, you may not appreciate the results."

Key to the Chains of the Demiurge

While it is a literal key, it is also a highly lawful artifact. Anyone possessing it has as a constant effect protection from chaos (or evil as appropriate for your game). If the key is held, that protection extends to 10' out from the key. It also provides a 10% chance that any spell cast within the 10' of protection simply fail. Magic users can not cast spells while holding the key.

It is said that if the Key is brought to the Well of Chaos (where the Demiurge is said to be imprisoned) that order would be brought to the world. Attempts by those opposed to such order to destroy the Key have all failed, and most have resulted in the death of those attempting it.


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