Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birthright: Player's Secrets to Roesone

"Once a lawless frontier less than a century ago, Roesone is one of the youngest states in all of Anuire. As the ruler of this land, you'll find that Roesone is surrounded by uncertain allies and dangerous enemies. Plots and intrigues creep through the halls of your court, and shadowed powers are moving against you. It will take strength, courage, and determination to keep your crown on your head - and your head on your shoulders."

Roesone is a young realm on the southern coast of Cerelia, founded on the ruins of lands that were depopulated by goblins of the Spiderfell under the command of one of the great awnsheghlien Tal-Qazar, aka The Spider, several hundred years prior. Less than a century ago a bandit lord, Daen Roesone, began the process of bringing the abandoned but repopulating lands under his control. He then applied to the Baron of Diemed (whose lands these officially were) to become his vassal. Instead the baron sent his army to take the lands and install his own ruler. Daen Roesone defeated the army of Diem, and crowned himself Baron of Roesone.

The realm of Roesone is actually a good place to start for a fairly standard fantasy RPG. It's a young boarderland full of old ruins and mysteries, with an evil human nation to the north, a really evil monster realm to the northwest, ancient woods to the east, and boarder nations to the west protecting you from the old barony that wants Roesone back.

There are 3 different guild houses that control the vast majority of trade in the realm. Orthien Tane, head of the Southern Anuire Shipping and Imports is pretty much a mob boss. The Port of Call Exchange, under El-Halid is involved with overseas trading, and is an excellent way to involve pirates and sea monsters. The Spider River Traders operates near the Spiderfell under a relatively young and honest Siele Ghoried. Protecting river barges and trade caravans from the raids of the Spider, and possibly from bandits from Ghoere.

Neither of the two great wizards who hold the magic of the realm, Rogr Aglondier and the High Mage Aelies, actually reside in Roesone, but there is one who does, the Count of Bellam, whose loyalty to Roesone is... tentative. Either Aglondier or Aelies could request PCs fetch them things, or check on one of their source holdings.

The Baroness Marlae Roesone is recently come to her throne, and would make use of adventurers to help her keep it secure. She could be of great use as a patron. Additionally, she has a younger brother Daenal who is something of a wild child, and is likely to get himself hurt, killed, or even kidnapped. Keeping an eye on him could be an entire quest line. There are many activities that a sitting regent can not take care of herself, especially activities outside her realm...

The end of every Players Secrets book has a section on Rumors, Secrets, and Plots which is an invaluable goldmine of ideas, and while they're focused on the regent of the realm, there isn't any reason that they can't be just as useful to non-regent PCs. For instance, haunted ruins of an ancient wizards tower? Or how about some giants in the woods near the coast? What happens when the great tournament comes to Proudglaive? Will the PCs enter, or use it as an opportunity to take care of other business?

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