Saturday, October 12, 2013

Iron Painter WIPs

On Friday night, my FLmGS (Friendly Local miniature Gaming Store) Dropzone hosted a short notice 24 hours of gaming event, including an Iron Painter Challenge. The idea was to paint at least 25 miniature between 5pm Friday night and 10am Saturday morning. A mere 17 hours... And also a very long 17 hours!

In the past when DZ has done these challenges, they've focused it on army building, so it needed to be models that would fit into an army list in a particular way. This time it was wide open, so I decided to take advantage of that, and get some more of my Reaper Bones painted up. I wanted to avoid doing a whole lot of characters, since they take longer, generally. So I decided to focus on the sorts of monsters you'd find on level 1 of a dungeon:
12 Goblins
2 Rat Swarms
2 Scarab Swarms
2 Spider Swarms
2 Bat Swarms
2 Giant Spiders
2 Giant Scorpions
2 Giant Beetles

I also included some dungeon decor:
2 Candelabras
Evil Alter
Stone Sarcophagus
Fountain of Evil

And to round things out:
Pathfinder Red Dragon
Sir Forscale

And in the end I also started working on a couple of old treasure piles that I picked up many years ago, and don't know who made them.

I have to say again, it was a LONG 17 hours. I even ended up taking an hour long nap around 6:30am in my car. I don't actually think that helped, in retrospect. I was tired and punchy before that, and after I was just thick headed and foggy.

If you follow me on G+, you've already seen these WIP pictures that I shared during the event.

I'll post the finished pics just as soon as I get them taken!


  1. Well done sir! I like what you've done with the different colored skins on the orcs/goblins. Great idea (I will be stealing...)

    1. Steal away! The yellow and orange goblins ended up looking very similar to one another, so you might want to pick more contrasting colors.