Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bits and Bobs XIV

Last week temperatures were unseasonably warm. The thermometer was in the mid to upper 80's, making it feel more like the middle of summer, rather than early fall, while at the same time the leaves are turning from green to gold and scarlet and brown. My back yard is already blanketed in a layer of fallen leaves... but weather isn't just weird, sometimes it's really weird, like in this cave system in China. It's so large it has it's own weather system!

Michael Wenmen over at Observations of the Fox has been inspired by Dyson (who isn't) and has putt together some map making tutorials. Tutorial 1, Tutorial 2 Villages, Tutorial 3 Jungle Trails.

Reaper is at it again. A week into their new kickstarter, Bones II, they're already approaching $1.5 million, and a $100 gets you 142 minis (and growing).

I'm a big fan of props, and prop building, and I really appreciate when prop builders take the time to show how they did what they did. In this case Landron Artifact's Twin Serpent Guardian Spirit Wall Relief. I'm sharing this one because the base material was sculpted out of white foam, which I've never seen used before given how weak and fragile a material it is.

Mark over at Spes Magna has a simple, but iconic spell: Virmon's Simple Repulsion for when your wizard really needs to get out of the middle of a swarm.

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