Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bones, Bits, and Bobs XVI

Reaper's done it again. Their Bones II Kickstarter wraps up today, and as of this posting they were over $2,663,837 and 139 minis and 80 bases for a basic $100 pledge. While it's not quite the deal that it was for their first Kickstarter, it's still impressive, and the add ons this year are even better than they were last time! You've got under 10 hours still to get in on this.

And if that's not enough for you, the next big stretch goal is a not-Tarrasque.

You know you want in on this...

This is an old post, but some good advice from Zak S. about How to make a D&D Sandbox.

Random Wizard put together a random map generator for that classic module B1. Every time you go to this page, you'll get a new map like this one.

Over at Geek Related there's a great review of Rule 0 over the years. I hadn't realized how differently it's been handled over the years.


  1. I was getting the Reaper paint sets till I saw the Khanjira model. It makes everything but the colossal bone dragon from their 1st KS look wimpy!

  2. It is a huge beast, isn't it? Already having the Kaladrax (and no where to put it) I don't think I need another colossal. The ruined tower and dragon on the other had...