Monday, August 19, 2013

New Magic Item: Night Lantern

"You're really going out carrying that?" Rathgar asked.

Feris nodded "Definitely." He opened the lantern's latch, and poured in a greasy looking oil.

"At least use some quality oil." Rathgar reached for a better made pillar candle. "That's going to burn really poorly."

"No thanks. This will do perfectly." Feris lit a sliver of wood, and used it to light the wick in the lantern. The light barely penetrated the thick red glass.

"How do you expect to light up anything with that?" Rathgar asked, exasperated.

Feris smiled "I'd be really disappointed if it did." He pulled his hood up, and lifted the lantern. "I'll be back before dawn, but don't wait up."

Night Lantern

This magical lamp, when fueled by oil made from the fat of a murder victim, sheds no light, but allows the bearer to see as if the area was lit by a normal lantern. When a command word is spoken, it will also begin to spew out great clouds of greasy foul smelling smoke for as long as the oil remains. Whether the bearer uses the smoke power or not, he will carry with him the odor of the smoke until the sun next sets.

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