Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Magic Item: Cobra Throne

"According to these runes, the faro's throne room should be right through here." The Satheras the Necromancer hissed.

"Then let's get that door unsealed." Mangu Timur said, hefting a pry-bar.

"My lord wait" Hellakin warned. The halfling approached the doorway, and after several long and, for Mangu, impatient moments, said "Best let them do it." he nodded toward the pack bearers.

"Very well." Mangu relented, and passed the pry-bar to one of the hirelings. "Open the door."

The hireling took the bar in one hand, then quickly grabbed it with his free hand, feeling the full weight of the thing. Hefting it over to the door he got to work. "Help him" Hellakin shoved one of the others toward the door.

The hirelings worked at the door, and eventually the stone slab of a door shifted. "Put your backs into it" Hallakin prodded. With a sharp grinding noise, the door shifted again. A desiccated hand reached through the crack of the door and grabbed the nearest hireling. He gasped before his neck snapped.

Satheras sighed before speaking words in a dark tongue. The hand released the dead hireling, and grasped the door, shoving it aside. "Stand aside guardian."

The mummy groaned, and did as it was ordered.

"Finally" Mangu snapped, and shoved past the mummy.

The throne room was richly appointed, draped in silks, painted with bright colors, and appointed with gold and lapis encrusted furniture. The dias against the back wall framed with purple and cloth-of-gold drapes stood empty but for a golden throne. "With this" he said, stepping up to the throne "I shall take a kingdom, and make an empire...

It probably doesn't look like this

Or this.

Serpent Throne

This ancient artifact is said to possess the power to raise and command armies of the dead, cause plague and famine, and grant extended life to those who sat upon it. Other tales tell of the thrones ability to heal the bodies of those ruled, increase the production of the fields and the seas, and even bring the dead back to life. The truth of these tales is not known to any now living, and only when a blooded ruler again sits upon the throne will the truth be known.

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