Friday, August 9, 2013

New Magic Item: Alchemist's Dagger

The evening was raw as Feris wove his way through the twisted alleys. A bone chilling fog had rolled in off the sea, and he know that with it came a thinning of the veil between the worlds. Tonight the Shadowfell was close. He pulled his cloak tighter, and continued on in search of the alchemist. He knew she was somewhere in the warrens, and he was pretty sure he had good directions, but with the fog as thick as it was, blocking sigh, muffling sound, it was hard to know if he'd missed a turn.

Feris stumbled over something soft. "Watch where you're frelling stepping..." the blanketed form grumbled, and pulled itself closer to the wall.

"Sorry" Feris mumbled as he moved on. He paused, and tossed a gold lion toward the huddled form.

Around the next corner Feris found himself face to face with a trio of ruffians, two humans, and a very large, very fat grey skinned orc. "That was awfully nice of you. Maybe you have some lions for us?" The man in front asked.

"This is not a good idea." Feris warned.

"Oh, I think it's a lovely idea. Now-" he paused, revealing a drawn short sword under his cloak "give us your gold."

"And be quick about it." the orc ordered, setting a spiked mace across his shoulder.

"Isn't this where you tell me 'and you may live to see morning' or some such?"

"It would be, if we thought you might see morning" the orc replied.

"I see, in that case, I suggest you get some sleep."

"Wha-" the man in front started to say as he toppled to the ground, falling on the already collapsed orc. The third figure flipped back his hood, revealing elegantly pointed ears, and an evil smile. "Not your lucky day, mage."

A feminine voice said from behind the elf "not yours either." The elf whipped around, Feris heard a hiss, and the elf fell. Behind him stood the alchemist, her arm outstretched, holding a dagger, point down. "It's best we get out of the alley."

Alchemist's Dagger

This enchanted blade has a hidden storage space in the pommel from which alchemical substances can be sprayed. It is capable of dispersing the contents at a very short range, and can include no more than 3 closely spaced individuals. Common substances put into these daggers include sleeping powder, poisons, and acids.

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  1. Very nice! I think I have a use for this dagger.

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