Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Magic Item: Argent Oracle

“According to the map, the Oracle should be right through this chamber.” Nimble pointed through the open archway. The light from their torches glistened off of more of the twisted metal sculptures in the large room beyond.

“Lets go then” Rathgar gripped his shield a little tighter and held his sword ready as he stepped into the chamber. The flickering light, and the organic shapes of the art made everything look like it was constantly shifting around.

“Feris, can you whip up a magelight?” Allianora asked.

“Sure” Feris pinched a bit of phosphorus between his fingers, and pointed with his staff. A spray of sparks arced toward the ceiling and burst with a bright blast. The blazing white light held overhead, banishing the flickering shadows, and shedding the occasional spark downward. “That should do it.”

At the far end of the chamber, up a set of broad marble steps was a large empty alcove.

The companions walked across the well lit hall and looked into the empty alcove. Nimble kept back, scanning the sculptures.

“I wasn’t under the impression that the Oracle could move.” Allianora sighed.

“Now what?” Rathgar asked.

“Now...” Feris trailed off. “I don’t know.” He said finally. “The Oracle should have been here.”

“We could-”

“There” Nimble interrupted, pointing toward one of the sculpture. “That one moved.”

Everyone turned, tensed, and looked at the sculpture. Flowing silvery metal snaked up from the floor and before curling around and looking down with a violet bulb.

A moment passed, and then another before Feris shifted, relaxing his stance. He stepped past Rathgar, toward the sculpture. “Are you sure?” He asked over his sholder.


“Ok...” He looked back up at the silvery thing. “Can you understand me?”

The bulb lit with a gentle light “YES” and it shifted slightly with a soft metallic and glass tinkling sound.

“We seek the Control Crystal of Wexxes.”

The bulb flashed rappidly several times and the tinkling sound ran out for several moments before it began to speak. "THE CRYSTAL YOU ARE SEEKING CAN BE FOUND BELOW. THERE IS A VAULT HIDDEN NEAR THE BLUE TOWER OF LIGHT."

Feris turned the map in his hands, then flipped it over. "The blue tower is on the map!" He grinned.

The Argent Oracle appears as a flowing organic metal sculpture that stands over 12’ tall. It is highly knowledgeable and can answer questions as a sage on nearly any topic. 75% of the time it will generally answer truthfully, though it is known to withhold information that would often save the questioner much time or danger. 25% of the time it will intentionally mislead the questioner into significant danger.

Image Source: Patrice Hubert

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