Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stage Escape - Wizard Spell

The lizard creatures dropped from the trees, surrounding the companions. Each was adorned with bright feathers in headdresses, cloaks, and other ornamental items, and of course weapons. the weapons were all different, though all were made of the same material. A highly polished wood body with what looked like sharks teeth attached at strategic locations.

One of the creatures, adorned with red and yellow feathers on its bright green scales hissed something that was probably a language.

“Did anyone catch that?” Nimble asked

“Nope” Rathgar replied.

“No” Allianora

“It’s a... ah... no actually.” Feris ended with a shrug.

The creature hissed and snapped, and waved its weapon.

“It’s just going to get more upset unless we can figure out what it wants.” Allianora warned.

“Do we care what it wants?” Rathgar asked.

“Sure we do. I’m allergic to... whatever those weapons are.” Nimble replied. “Feris, can you do anything helpful right now?”

“Just this.” Feris raised his hand and in it he held a clear crystal. The creatures looked at it, some tightening their grip on their weapons. Feris closed his hand on the crystal, mumbled a word, and opened his hand, releasing a black powder to the ground. The lead lizard’s eyes opened wide and began to hiss something when the first grain of powder hit the ground. A large puff of smoke enveloped the area, and quickly dispersed, leaving the lizards surrounding an empty patch of jungle.

“No one move” Feris whispered as he watched the lizardmen slashing the empty space where they were just standing.

Stage Escape
4th Level Magic User Spell
Range: 0’
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: caster + allies w/in 10’

This spell causes a great puff of obscuring sulfurous smoke to erupt from the ground, and the caster and allies within 10’ (1 for every 2 levels over 5th) to be turned invisible and teleported up to 100’ within the casters line of sight.

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