Friday, August 5, 2011

Bits and Bobs IV

1) This month's RPG Blog Carnival topic is Animals and it's being hosted right here! How can you get involved? Easy! Write a post about animals, anything about animals, and share the link! (I know you’re going to get so tired of reading that this month. You might as well just go ahead and do a post on animals...)

B. There is an awful lot of gaming stuff on my Google+ stream. I like it! I only wish I had more time to devote to it. So many things to comment on...

III - Fight On #2 is Free (for a limited time) So I Oubliette #6! You should snag them while you can!

4. I haven’t worked on my megadungeon since May, and I’ve been feeling the itch!

e - I find myself editing more than I ever expected, and for a number of different people and projects. I sometimes have to remind myself that as a volunteer editor I can only suggest changes. If the author/project leader doesn’t take them, that’s their choice.

VI) There is no #VI.

7 - I am obviously not at or going to GenCon this year. Believe me, you’d have known about it for months if I was going! Maybe I should make that a goal for 2012... anyway, I hope everyone who goes has a great time!


  1. I didn't read carefully and thought at first your title was Bits and Boobs.

  2. @Whisk - Ha! Yeah, this isn't that kind of blog. But I bet I'd get a lot more comments and folllowers if it was!

  3. I did boobs as a title post once just to see what would happen. Had fun with it. Blogging is a hoot.

  4. I want some of the gaming G+ goodness. How do I find you and the other people talking gaming on G+?

  5. Well, if you add me (use my e-mail address davidbrawley at gmail dot com) and then check out the various people who have circled me it shouldn't be too hard to find.