Monday, November 15, 2010

Your favorite edition - AD&D!

Well this wasn't the distribution curve I expected to see!  

4E                           2 (5%)
3.x                          5 (14%)
2nd                         4 (11%)
AD&D                  11 (31%)
BECMI/RC            4 (11%)
B/X                        5 (14%)
OD&D                   2 (5%)
Other                      2 (5%)

Not much love for OD&D or 4e.  More love than I expected for 3.x, but I am really shocked by the love for AD&D.  I never played AD&D, since when I left the Rules Cyclopedia it was off to 2nd edition.  I did read a fair amount of 1st edition back in the early 90's, but I never played it.  I wonder why the love?  Is it the Gygaxian prose?  The charts?  The art?  I'm also curious about the two "Other Edition" answers. One of the answers was the Holmes edition of basic, but I have no idea what the other one was. 

This poll actually raises more questions for me than it answered.  How many of you are playing their favorite edition? Why do you read my blog if I'm not writing for your edition?  What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?


  1. Well, for me, I am playing my favorite edition in your online game (BECMI/RC), so there's that answer.

    I think the fact that most TSR versions of the game are so interchangeable allows fans of one to find plenty of useful information on blogs dedicated to a different edition in their own favorite.

    Do you mean a European swallow, or an African swallow?

  2. What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    European or Mediterranean?

    For me, first choice is AD&D. It's the one I've played the longest, house-ruled tweaks and all. It's been very flexible for me and my adventures. Also, there seems to be a abundant source of getting old books because there were so many printed back in the day. OD&D books can be a bit more pricey sometimes. Investing in newer editions EVERY time gets a bit old. And expensive.

    Yet, some newer books & systems are useful as source materials for me. Just as your website is. I look past the mechanics wherever possible, or to see if something can be adapted for better use in my games. Your posts (to me) transcend edition/system clarification. RPG's are all the same when you whittle them down. The play is the thing!


  3. Doh! I have to brush up on my Python. Now Mediterranean, I meant African! No, wait...


    (shoots up into the air and down into the chasm beneath the Bridge of Death)


  4. too bad I missed he vote. While I enjoyed AD&D back in the day, 3.x is my favorite version of official D&D to date.
    Naturally I play Pathfinder now.

  5. I have to say AD&D is my favorite and why I voted for it. But I play more of a OD&D campaign right now and its been a lot of fun. Its the ones with the numbers I don't enjoy as much.

  6. It's a bloody Bell Curve!!!

    4E       -3
    3.x      -2
    2nd      -1
    AD&D     +0
    BECMI/RC +1
    B/X      +2
    OD&D +3

  7. Could it be because AD&D is the edition that came out at the height of the game's popularity?