Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shrinking Bottle

"No!  Don't throw that!!" the scruffy old hedge mage yelled, frantically flapping his arms." Nimble told the small group assembled around him.  "I didn't know why he was so concerned about a little ship in a bottle, but we needed to get out of there, so I tossed it at him.  His eyes bugged out as he reached for it.  My toss was perfect, but this guy, I tell ya, he hit it with his left hand, bounced it off his right hand, barely touched it with the tips of his fingers, and off it spun against the wall next to him."  Nimble paused as he took a drink from his flagon.   "It broke of course.  The bottle that is.  The boat, well, it began to grow, fast.  So fast that that old wizard couldn't get out of the way."

"Squish-crunch is the best way to describe the sound.  Sadly we couldn't get his body out from under the boat.  We only just got out of the room in time ourselves, and it pushed the door closed behind us.  But we still got the talisman!"

The Shrinking Bottle when created will contain one item, usually a boat or tower that has been built specifically to be placed in the shrinking bottle.  The owner of the item may uncork the bottle and speak a command word to cause the item in the bottle to be released, where it will expand to it's original size.  Should the item be destroyed, a replacement may be built, and the bottle may be used again.  If the bottle is broken then the item will immediately expand to it's full size, potentially harming whoever is nearby. 


  1. How fast does the object in the bottle expand? I keep thinking of things to put in there. Maybe a giant spikey metal ball? A stack of saguaros? :)

  2. I imagined that it was pretty quick, maybe full size in a round or two. Intentionally using it as a weapon... well I did always like the idea of using the Instant Fortress as a weapon, but it wouldn't always be practical, like in a tight dungeon.

  3. Genius. Excellent fluff too.