Saturday, May 15, 2010

Glass Spire

The light glinted and refracted off the uneven surface of the spire.  Rainbows and light beams shone all over the glen.  It gave Nimble goosebumps.  "Why are we here again?" he wined.  

"Because the Magus ask me to investigate the spire." Feris answered without looking.  "It's really difficult to study, because the magics we'd use to study it are... unreliable here."

And what is this we've come to pass ? A pymamid of solid glass 

The Glass Spire is actually the ruin of an elven tower that was destroyed in a battle with the forces of Chaos 500 years ago.   

The Glass Spire
Magical Location

Magical effects which include the Glass Spire in their area of effect are refracted by the tower.  Due to the residual effects of the destruction of the tower, it is impossible to determine how the magic will be changed.

Roll on the following chart to determine effects of magical powers that include the tower in their area of effect.
1. Double area of effect
2. Duration doubled
3. Effect is repeated the following round
4. Effect is delayed 1d6 rounds 
5. Area of effect reduced 50%
6. Area of effect is now covered in blooming violets
7. Area of effect is now covered in blooming violets, and spell goes off as normal
8. Sparks fly from casters fingers, causing 1d4 points of electrical damage to anyone within 10' of the front of the caster
9. Everyone in the area of effect loses their hair
10. Everyone in the area of effect glows as per the light spell
11. Everyone in the area of effect falls asleep as per the sleep spell, without any hit dice limitations
12. Spire glows momentarily, no other effect
13. Everyone in the area of effect is healed 2d6 hit points.
14. Summons a thunderstorm which will arrive in 1d20 rounds, and will continue till the next morning.
15. Caster is sent forward 1d10 rounds into the future
16. Caster is sent forward 1d10 turns into the future
17. Everyone must make a saving throw vs. spells or be sent 3d6 rounds into the future (roll individually for everyone that fails their save)
18. All of the casters possessions are teleported into a pile 10 feet behind the caster
19. Everyone in the area of effect shrinks 1d4+1 x10% (20%-50%)
20. Anyone who has died within the area of effect is raised as a wight who will attack the nearest living being
21. Spire lashes out with magical energy.  Treat as a 7hd monster attacking everyone within the area of effect.  Anyone struck takes 2d4 points of magic damage and is paralyzed for an equal number of turns
22. Everyone in the area of effect is teleported 2d20 yards away from the spire
23. Everyone in the area of effect must make a saving throw vs poison or suffer a -2 to all rolls for 1d6 turns
24. Everyone ages 1d20 years
25. A cloud of moths swarms the area.  Everyone is considered to have 3/4 cover. 
26. The entire area of effect catches fire for 1 turn
27. Multicolored lights flash brightly, everyone in the area of effect is blinded for 2d6 rounds
28. Summons a Giant Killer Rabbit (treat as a Boar)
29. Area of effect is covered in slippery flammable slime
30.Area of effect is protected as both a Protection from Evil and a Protection from Good spell


  1. Very nice, I will plunk this down in my world for the party to find.