Friday, July 19, 2019

Gnolls part 3

Okay, we’re calling it!
Armor and weapons have been painted with “Armor” paint, stitching painted with Tanned Leather, a generous wash with sepia, and a couple of highlights here and there.

The shaman needed more attention, especially with the bone staff. I started with Dirty Bone, followed by the sepia wash, followed by another highlight with Dirty Bone. The bindings were painted with Dragon Red. The flogger was painted first with Rich Leather, highlighted with Tanned Leather, washed with sepia, then highlighted with Tanned Leather and just a bit of Linen White.

The green robe could probably use a little more work, but eh.

Then it was time to base… I used my usual mix of flock applied with wood glue. And then once that dried I coated it with another coat of watered down wood glue. Still need to dust off some of the non-glued flock, but otherwise they're done!!

Up next: Agramon

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