Monday, July 22, 2019

Agramon part 2

The other night I was too tired to study, so I pulled out my painting tray, and looked at the gnolls. They’re so close to done, but if I’m too tired to study, I’m definitely too tired to try to do anything detailed. Even tabletop quality detail.

Agramon, however, was waiting… I grabbed the bottle of Reaper’s Red Liner… and then remembered that it smelled. Sucking it up, I mixed in some flow improver and painted it on.

Unfortunately that’s all I got done that evening.

Good news though, more progress was been made. Using a combination of Dragon Red, Gory Red, and Fire I mostly dry brushed up over the bulk of his skin. For the wings, chest, and bunderside of the tail I used Barbarian Skin and Tanned Leather, and then on the chest bringing it up to the same final gentle dry brush of Sun Yellow and Linen White.

I went back and forth on the lips, from yellow on back to Red Liner, and eventually settled on Red Gore. I still need to add a little grey to the tips of the teeth.

I then went back with the Red Liner and cleaned up the lines between the chest and the rest of the skin, and repainted the horns and other scaly spots.

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