Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Gnolls part 2

I wrote this before my test, when I stole just a tiny bit of time to do a bit of painting.

Okay, yes, the test is coming up. But my brain was just not accepting info, so I decided to paint for a bit before walking the dogs in the park. In 40 minutes I applied red to the gums/lips, and their eyes. I then added some tanned leather to the red, then applied it to their skirts, then added a bit of marigold yellow and dry brushed it onto their ruffs.

Using a bit of walnut brown, I cleaned up the eyes, painted their noses, and lips around the red.

Next steps are going to be to paint the stitching on their skirts, maybe highlight the skirts one more time. Paint the armor and weapons. Wash the mouths to bring out the teeth, then likely re-highlight the teeth.

The shaman (not pictured) will take a bit more work because of her staff. Also, her green robe will take a bit more work, because it’s not the same red as the others.

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