Thursday, December 27, 2018

Minis Wrap Up 2018

With the end of the year approaching I wanted to take stock of what I’d managed to accomplish. Last year I put out every mini I’d painted, and it was really cool to see them all set up like that. I honestly don’t get too many occasions to play with my minis these days, so I decided to do it again.

Now, a fair bit of what got painted up this year was terrain, which visually bulks up the total, but there’s also some things missing. I gave away more minis this year than ever before, including a dragon.

I gave away a DRAGON!

And also the adventurers that defeated it. Now not all of them were painted this year, but but still..

Then the “gargoyles” (various statues, gargoyles, angels, and demons). They were painted, but... I feel a little bad counting them.

In total I've painted 120 minis this year (plus the fences). This is probably my most productive year since I last painted whole units of figures for the LoTR game, and maybe even better than those years.

I’m pretty happy with my progress, both in the number of minis I’ve painted, and also (overall) in their quality. Granted most of them are tabletop quality, but the minis I’ve really focused on, I’ve upped my game a bit. Definite progress in increasing my base skill level.

Interestingly, I only painted a single sci-fi mini this year. Otherwise it's mostly Reaper Bones, a bit of Frostgrave, and a couple of D&D minis.


  1. A productive year! Ths yetis really inspire me to find my own ones in the platics-mountain and give some paint.

    1. Excellent! They're fun minis, and pretty quick and easy to paint up.