Thursday, November 1, 2018

October in Review

The spookiest month has come and gone, and it was another busy one filled with a vacation (my first in a year), excellent time hanging out with friends, gaming, painting, and the final Read an RPG in Public week of the year.


Stonehell group is delving deeper, looking for the solution to their mummy problem. I think things are really going to come to a head with Ka-Nefer soon. I did not expect Eiric’s player to offer up her own blood to the vampire Reveka… We’ll see if 2 levels lost was worth the sacrifice.

I can really feel the story of Storm King’s Thunder is picking up speed. I’ll be hitting level 9 very shortly, and with that, another level of reality bending powers! I’m seriously tempted to do a leveled up version of my character mini…


I still haven’t finished the dancing girl, or returned to the giants, but my Undead of October project was rather more successful than I had honestly expected it to be:
9 Bones Skeletons DONE!
6 Undying (Death, minotaur, lizardman, elf, halfling, & dwarf skeletons from Bones 3) DONE!
Bone Fiend (Bones 2) DONE!
Dust King & Tomb (Bones 3) DONE!
4 mummies (Bones 2) So close…
Hecklemeyer (25th Anniversary mini)
Demi-Lich (Bones 2)
3 Nefsokar mummies (Bones 1)

Sneak preview of a couple of the completed but not blogged about minis!

17 minis complete, and the rest nearly done!

But wait! There’s more! I also started painting up 3 new character minis for my fellow players in the Storm King’s Thunder game! (More on that tomorrow)

I expect that I should be able to wrap these all up in fairly short order.

Movies/TV Watched
Iron Fist Season 2 (review soon)
Princess Mononoke
Howl’s Moving Castle
Lifeforce - So cheesy, but Mathilda May… wow!
Night of the Comet - Also so cheesy!
Hocus Pocus

None finished

Finish the Undead of October project
Finish 3 character minis
Finish Dancing Girl
Bonus Quest: Paint the beholder!

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