Friday, December 1, 2017

November in Review

Heading into the silly season with holidays, so there are going to be a lot of missed sessions next month, but this month was a pretty solid one. I'm almost up to date on my Stonehell write ups, I revised my carousing rules, and even got a dry run in on the spell research rules, which are gonna need a tweak I think...

My 5e game is going fairly well, though we mostly played DCC this month, and it's the game that's going to suffer the most during December, and not just from missed session. One of my players is moving to San Francisco. Another is off to Australia... It always stinks to lose a player. Worse to lose 2.

It's been a productive and fun month! I finished up the Paranormal Exterminators, and thanks to my sister for picking up some fine grit sand, I even got them based. Better pictures to come

The Bones Sith figure converted from Seelah by my friend Bryan at ReaperCon was a quick and dirty tabletop piece, but I'm really happy with how she looks.

My paint at work minis Devona and Almaran the Gold have now come home, and will be finished up there. They've been replaced by some Lizardmen, though they've all been base coated over Thanksgiving, some by my nieces and nephews... in some creative ways. Mostly going to aim to keep their chosen colors and just clean them up.

I also got a solid start on my Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago warband. More greenstuff work on these 7 figures than I've done on anything else, even if it is just adding stamped bases and some cone hats.

I know I've plugged it a lot already, but I'm really really thrilled with the texture stamp from Happy Seppuku. Really happy!! So happy that I made some of the temple courtyard stone bases for some sci-fi minis I've got. More on that later...

This was a month for reading chunks of series.
First up was the Valley of the Ten Crescents trilogy by Tristan J. Tarwater. An interesting fantasy series that was solid, but nothing particularly special. I liked the second and third books in the series far more then the first one.

I also finished up Hugh Howey's Silo saga with both the Shift Trilogy and the final book Dust. Getting to see how and why the people of the silos ended up being in the silos was great, and, even more than that, the reason that there was such redundancy built in.

I also read the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. While I'm not the biggest fan of the Holmes stories, they do make for good reading on the subway.

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. Hardly seems fair to count a rulebook, but I did read it, cover to cover.

Currently Reading: A Quest Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic, edited by Margaret Weis.

Thor was so much fun!
Fargo was really really interesting. Visually fantastic, with some wonderful performances all around.

Goals for December:
Finish Lizardmen, Medusa, F:GA Crew, Heritor, and Warden, watch Marvel's Punisher


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