Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stonehell: Brie's Tale

“I want to be your apprentice.” Brie told Eiric.

Eiric wasn’t in the least impressed by this girl. But she was persistent. It didn’t hurt that she came with a spell book already, including a spell she didn’t know. What really sold it was the fact that she’d been with Yolanda’s group!

This is what she shared:

Yolanda rounded up a bunch of nobodies to start with, usually following where you’d gone. She made sure to always pay those who came back injured to tell their stories. She even hired Loris Jim’Bo after you let him go. By the time she hired me as a lantern bearer, she’d also hooked up with Skelmis the Arcane, Arlen the Elf, and Galladan the Pure. We all explored through the antechamber, the contested corridors where we finished off the goblin tribe.

You beat us to the wizards school. Skelmis was pissed. Trustee Sniv was practically gleeful at being able to charge to let us into it. And that was on top of what she’d been paying him for information on you. We still checked it out. That’s where I showed some talent with magic. Remember the floating blue ball? I could sort of move it…. When Skelmis saw that he started to teach me when we were in town.

The Asylum was creepy, and the area without any doors? Not a lot better. The snake place was at least kind of interesting. Yolanda found a cool magic dagger under a statue of a 4 headed snake. Then we went down even further. That’s when shit got real. We took the moving room down, and almost immediately ran into another wizard with bugbear bodyguards. We ran. Then there were some monkeys with armor and blades and even whole limbs replaced with metal ones. They’ll zap you if they get the chance. Kiff and Ket, they were brothers, they both got zapped.

Ended up paying some wererats for some info and directions. Took refuge in one of the apartment rooms nearby. After we’d recovered a little, we kept on, and passed through what felt like a hothouse full of plants. Nasty ones too. There were these frogs that made you just… stand there… We lost Galladan there, along with Nif. He was the torchbearer they’d hired after I got promoted.

We were poking around, making our way back toward the elevator, sort of when we ran into Lachesis and her two ogres. They were coming though some locked doors, not sure how exactly. Yolanda tried to attack her, but Skelmis… he attacked us. I’m not even entirely sure what happened then, but I ran. I made it to the elevator, and back to the snake area. I managed to Sleep a bunch of them and ran. I found some stairs that brought me to the quiet halls, and bribed a work crew of kobolds to get me out. I waited in the enchanted woods for a day, but no one else came out.

I don’t have the money to join the wizards guild. Not yet. But… maybe if I hook up with you. Share what I know, we can work it out.

Eiric accepted Brie as apprentice.

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